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Scott Clark here, and I’d like to personally welcome you to The Nature of the Game.  Thank you for visiting, I hope you will return often as the content throughout the site will frequently change.  Here I will explore, share, discover, illuminate, and reveal the authentic golf experience to the best of my abilities.  But what, may you ask, exactly does that even mean?

For me, and for millions around the world, golf is much more than a game, it’s a way of life.  Golf allows us the opportunity to experience the full breadth of all that Human Nature and Mother Nature has to offer.  The camaraderie, adversity, expectations, challenges, competition, pressure, athleticism, serenity, agony, and glory…  all playing  out on and against some of the Earth’s most beautiful, peaceful, awe-inspiring, intimidating, and natural surroundings.  It’s a game that can be enjoyed over a lifetime, passed from generation to generation, yet never mastered, never conquered, and never taken for granted.  This is the “authentic golf experience” of which I speak, and this is what The Nature of the Game is all about.

With little exception, today’s mainstream media market pursues golf merely as sport:  Professional Tours, Tiger Woods, tips and instruction, reality competitions, and so forth.  Here with The Nature of the Game, I pursue golf as life.  Golf as art.  Golf as experience.  Golf as meditation.  Golf as something greater, more important, and more powerful than what appears on one’s scorecard.

The Nature of the Game is an all encompassing brand and philosophy that seeks to celebrate this authentic golf experience.  It’s an enthusiast documentary film, ala surfing’s Endless Summer.  It’s a print and video editorial platform to help golfers find and experience the best places,  people, and products.  It’s a collection of fine art that evokes the spirit and emotions of the game.  Through my company, Lostball Studios,  I offer an HD video service to help courses, clubs, and resorts attract guests and members.  As you explore The Nature of the Game you’ll see all this and more.  It is through this multi-media platform that I hope to inspire golfers and non-golfers alike to better appreciate and enjoy the game, and in turn, have their lives further enriched by all golf has to offer.

In the famous words of Harvey Pennick, “If you play golf, you’re my friend.”  So friends, please join me on this journey to explore all that is, The Nature of the Game.

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