One of our favorite activities as golfers is to get together and talk about golf!  Whether it’s the annual buddies’ trip, a corporate or charity outing, or a nice evening at the club, adding The Nature of the Game to your event is a sure way to make the shared love of golf the centerpiece of your event.

I am currently looking to secure some corporate partners and sponsors to help bring these events around the globe.  My team and I are presenting to Lexus, Rolex, American Express, and others to secure their participation.  In the mean time, below are a few ways to incorporate The Nature of the Game into your future events, particularly around when the film is released.

You can license The Nature of the Game content for private screenings at your home, club, or resort property.

home theater

With flatscreen monitors now commonplace in hospitality tents, you can differentiate your company and entertain your guests with spectacular HD footage from The Nature of the Game.

hospitality tent

Roll out the red (green?) carpet and rent out the local movie theater.  Host a night on the town with a private film screening for your friends and club members.  Paparazzi not included!

red theater

Or just bring the big screen right to your property for summer movie night!

outdoor theater

Also note that if you have a special golf event that you would like captured in HD and converted into a memorable DVD, Lostball Studios would be happy to consider your project.  I am always open to fun and creative ideas and will work hard to make sure your vision is realized.