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Will someone tell us wherein lies the extraordinary fascination of golf..?

– Arnold Haultain, The Mystery of Golf, 1908


  • Create a timeless film that educates and inspires golfers and non-golfers alike to better appreciate, understand, and participate in golf.
  • Illuminate the true spirit and essence of the game to counter balance mainstream media’s obsessive focus on swing instruction, technology, and the PGA TOUR.
  • Establish The Nature of the Game as the premier brand that personifies the bona fide, authentic golf experience.


In 1908, Arnold Haultain’s, The Mystery of Golf, first pondered the seductive lure of the game.  He wonders aloud, “Will someone tell us wherein lies the extraordinary fascination of golf?”  Now, a full century later, on the 100th anniversary of The Mystery of Golf, we embark on a cinematic journey to rediscover the answers.

Narrated by Jim Nantz, The Nature of the Game is an inspiring, educational film that creatively examines the authentic golf experience.  The film exposes how to find greater fulfillment and growth in both golf and life.  As told through the journey of a golf ball, the film weaves through 18 ‘holes’ (vignettes) to explore all facets of Mother Nature,,  Human Nature, and all that encompasses the essence of the game.  Shot in spectacular high definition from the world’s greatest courses, The Nature of the Game features breathtaking cinematography with artfully integrated interviews, quotes, and an electrifying score.

For a sport that has become dominated by technology, training aids, and Tiger Woods, The Nature of the Game is the important, definitive statement on the authentic experience of golf.


  • Mother Nature.  Human Nature.  The Nature of the Game.
  • Surfers have their Endless Summer.  Golfers have The Nature of the Game.
  •  The Warren Miller film tour experience for golf.


  • Experience golf as golf ball, soaring through 18 vignettes that explore the global fascination with golf.


The film is structured like a round of golf — 18 holes, with a break at the turn.  The film asserts that golf is so fascinating because of its merging of Mother Nature with Human Nature; therefore, the Front 9 features chapters on Mother Nature (Dawn, Trees, Water…) and the Back 9 is Human Nature (Swing, Mindfulness, Camaraderie…).  The intermission between 9’s will feature a traditional Japanese mid-round tea ceremony.


Bruce Brown’s The Endless Summer I & II; Step into Liquid; Riding Giants; Warren Miller’s Higher Ground, Cold Fusion, Ride; Ron Fricke’s Koyaanisqatsi, Baraka; Twenty Bucks; One Six Right: The Romance of Flying; Spirit of the Marathon; Winged Migration; March of the Penguins; Planet Earth HDTV series.


Through The Nature of the Game, Lostball is bringing together some of the biggest names in golf and will continue to attract significant attention as the project develops.  The Advisory Board that is currently helping guide and support the project includes:

  • Jim Nantz, Commentator, friend and narrator of The Nature of the Game
  • Sandy Tatum, Former USGA President, Attorney, Author, Amateur Golf Champion
  • Tom Doak, Architect, Author (Pacific Dunes, Cape Kidnappers, Anatomy of a Golf Course)
  • Bo Links, Attorney, Author (Follow the Wind, Tales from the Caddie Yard)
  • Jim Walton, Producer, (Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf, 100 Years of the US Open)
  • Scott Wilson, Director of Photography, Cinematographer (The Wandering Golfer)
  • Lonn Friend, Co-Producer, Interviews (Life on Planet Rock, Maximum Golf, Vegas Golfer)
  • Colin Sheehan, Author, Editor, Coach (Yale, The Golfer, The Amateur Championship)
  • Drew Youngs, Producer, Principal, Earthwire