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Overview.  Lostball Studios creates compelling, High Definition film and video exclusively in golf.  The company is selectively seeking corporate sponsoring and/or angel support to fund its development and operations. This page provides a broad overview of the company, strategy, and revenues.

Corporate Purpose:  Lostball exists to serve both corporate and consumer interests in the affluent golf market by producing compelling, High Definition, artistic content, and developing and aggregating products and services that exemplify the authentic experience of the game. Lostball personifies the passion, zeal, romance, majesty, and fulfillment of golf that is absent in the current media landscape.  THIS spirit and sensibility is what drives the spending habits of golfers around the world and is consistent with the lifestyle branding and marketing messages of corporate golf sponsors.

Strategy.  To immediately establish Lostball as the premier producer and purveyor of golf artistry we are producing a world-class, first-in-kind golf enthusiast film – The Nature of the Game.  Following the success of enthusiast films in surfing, skiing, running, aviation, and fishing, The Nature of the Game serves a variety of purposes: 1) It is a multi-million dollar recurring revenue stream; 2) It is a vehicle to attract corporate sponsors, resorts, and golf course partners who will become Lostball clients; 3) It launches “The Nature of the Game” as a sexy, meaningful, licenseable franchise brand for books, apparel, artwork, merchandise, and content; 4) It attracts global media coverage, awards, buzz, and publicity that traditional PR/marketing efforts cannot achieve; and 5) It sets a creative bar and level of sophistication and credibility for relationships with discerning golfers and luxury lifestyle brands.  The screenplay for The Nature of the Game is available and pre-production has begun.

The Franchise Brand Beyond traditional film revenues (Film Tour, events, DVD sales & rentals, licensing, TV), The Nature of the Game is the vehicle by which many business opportunities are created, including but not limited to:  The Nature of the Game Catalog, a website and semi-annual golf lifestyle publication/catalog with editorial copy, merchandise, and advertisements for an affluent clientele; The Nature of the Game Collection of unique golf art, paintings, sculptures, literature, and photography; The Nature of the Game coffee table book, a behind the scenes look with stories, images, and interviews from production; The Nature of the Game merchandise, apparel and accessories; The Nature of the Game Travel, a way to play the courses featured in the film.  In addition, future enthusiast and educational films, TV shows, or short form web videos can all be billed under this brand, such as, The Nature of the Game: The Courses of Tom Doak or The Nature of the Game: The Links of Scotland.

Lostball Services.  In producing The Nature of the Game, Lostball will be uniquely identified in the golf market as the premier content producer for high-end, artistic, digital media and High Definition production.  This creates a tremendous opportunity to serve the needs of corporate golf sponsors by producing commercials, corporate videos, and branded entertainment.  In addition, as the market for high definition video increases on television, Internet and DVD, Lostball will be hired to produce content for golf courses, resorts, developers, tourism boards, networks, and any entity that considers golf a part of their value offerings.

Use of Proceeds.  As Lostball’s inaugural project and the center-point of its future brand and business, the majority of funds will be allocated to The Nature of the Game budget as has been recommended and approved by industry veteran and co-producer, Jim Walton. The remaining capital will cover Lostball’s operating expenses for the 18-months from Q3 2008 through YE 2009, at which point the film will have been released and the company’s revenue will sustain its operations and growth.

Cashflow & ROI.  Lostball anticipates profits of $12,00,000+ at year-end 2011.  Breakeven occurs in 18 months as revenues are grown and collected from the film in Q1 2010.  Cash reserves are securely in-hand throughout film production as sponsor revenues accrue and are allocated toward the film to preserve our own capital. Lostball aims to be financially nimble with great flexibility and scalability while always mindful of cash-flow, tax incentives, and write-offs.  Details on financial projections, assumptions, and revenue drivers plus a full business plan are available by request to accredited investors.

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