What comes with the territory for The Nature of the Game is insight and exposure to some of the best golf products in the world that truly enhance the authentic golf experience.  Here, I will selectively highlight the best of the best, offering you a chance to discover these goods for yourself and perhaps buy something you like.

First up, you should walk, carry, and play in style with The MacKenzie Walker Golf Bag and accessories from The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company in Portland, OR.

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Each MacKenzie Walker is individually handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, USA, from the finest leather, in a number of solid colors, or color combinations. Our components are the best we can find, from stainless steel hardware to custom composite inserts.  Personalized leather and color selections, embroidery of club crests, names, or initials is available on all products.  The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company has been creating MacKenzie Golf Bags for years, and our staff has helped refine the design over the decades.  We take pride in treating our employees well, and do our best to put our customers ahead of everyone except our families and one another.  You will always be proud carrying a MacKenzie Walker, secure in the knowledge that you won’t find a better made bag anywhere.  Or, let’s face it, a better looking one!

The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company, LLC is owned and managed by golfers who:

If you like what you see here, please visit the site for more and contact friend and President, Todd Rohrer at todd@themackenziegolfbagcompany.com or 503.734.6355 and tell him you found him through The Nature of the Game!