Aside from playing the game itself, there is  no greater medium than HD video by which to share the authentic golf experience.  Customized video content and photography can be featured on the flatscreen monitors in your facility, provided as DVD gifts for members and guests, or for use in your sales and marketing efforts.  Both online and in person, HD video is becoming the standard by which upscale facilities must operate.  Let Lostball Studios and The Nature of the Game creatively elevate your brand and experience.

Below are a few video samples…  (more coming soon)

As the owner of Lostball Studios — in conjunction with The Nature of the Game, Golf Cognescenti Quarterly, and this very website — I am uniquely positioned to provide you with compelling content and a multi-media platform for it to be seen.  Going well beyond traditional ‘commercial video’  production values, I bring a keen eye for golf cinematography, a perfectionist attitude, and a passionate player’s approach and perspective to my work.  My breadth of contacts in golf, film, production, photography, and art allow me to work with the best of the best for each and every shoot.  Contact me at to discuss your next video project.

clubhouse monitors